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I'm a Multidisciplinary Artist based in Italy.

My works span across multiple disciplines such as digital painting, 3D art, digital collage, mixed media art, set design, and physical art.

I have exhibited my art in various locations, including Milan, Rome, Prague, Côte d'Ivoire, and Venice, where I participated at the Biennale of Art. My influences come from surrealism, street art, and conceptual art movements, and I focus on blockchain technology and digital innovations to push the limits of modern art.

I strive to create a dialogue that explores the complexities of human experience through my art, which delves into themes of tangible and intangible elements, physical and digital domains, and their intersections. Through my work, I encourage people to ponder the nature of substance, hybrid identities, multipotentiality, and self-expression, ultimately challenging the boundaries between reality and abstraction.

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