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All we need is fides / Art Installation
Set Design

From the opportunity presented by “Personal Structures”, {[(etica)estetica]anestetica} presents two installations of digital religious art dedicated to the Virgin Mary figure and to the idea of faith.

The first installation entitled “art + faith ≠ farth” searches to represent, through the figure of the Virgin Mary, the concept of distance between art and faith: art is faith.
The installation is site-specific, consisting of an NFT transmitted inside an ancient confessional.
The confessional is placed inside a cell and is visible to the public through a door: what is the right distance from faith? what is the right distance from art?
The NFT of the Virgin Mary inside the confessional will be an animation that literally explodes into a digital cloud of love. Celestial and immersive music will accompany the vision.

The second installation entitled "all we need is fides" proposes the triptych of needs in 2022, among pandemic, energy and financial crisis, interpreted through the figure of Virgin Mary. The installation is site-specific, consisting of three NFTs transmitted within three modern tabernacles, inspired by the wayside shrine of the Venetian tradition. 

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