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Amazing collaboration with Fabeeobreen, the first Italian virtual fashion brand.

  • 4 handpainted design collections

  • Each collection is made of 4 look

  • 10 units supply for each look

  • Custom Particles system special FX

Download and own 3D nft model with particles FX! (unlockable content)

This drop opens a new era for FBRN collectors: nft owners will be able to download the nft’s 3D file: Place it in your virtual gallery, use 3d asset in websites, your 3D project, customize it, make it part of your story. Sky is the limit. (You can preview in using the link in the opensea listing page)


Wear it in the metaverse! Metaverse-compatible wearable production will start only after all of the 10 units solds out: this will cover wearable production and publication fees - Decentraland wearable will be Mythic rarity (10 units) and airdropped ONLY to the respective nft owners.

Collection available on Opensea. HERE

Collaboration with Fabeeobreen

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