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Digital collage, 2018

Hybridworld is an anarchic vision, where the mannequins with human features live in a deconstructed architecture and interact with dreamlike landscapes. This project looks at the present while reflecting on history, therefore proposing an evocative interpretation of the future.


Hybridworld explores different cultures and recreates surroundings through different traditions. It stems from a research on history and centuries of cross-fertilization between different aesthetics.

Hybridworld suggests a new feeling with the use of contrasting materials, through the fusion between artisanal quality and the innovation of sustainable forms and materials.

Hybridworld is modularity and compositional versatility. It’s a new skin, produced by overlays, material and decorative surfaces, composed of several interacting levels, dictated by transparency, opacity, reflections or nuances.

Hybridworld wants to mark the boundary between two worlds, strengthening at the same time their union.

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