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ABSOLUT x MSGM | Limited Edition Digital Event

Product Design

Msgm joins forces with Absolut and presents the new limited edition "Absolut better together", available in six color variations that recreate the rainbow in a limited edition of 20 thousand bottles. Absolut also launches the positive message that "nothing makes sense when we're apart", celebrating the newfound awareness of the need for closeness and reminding everyone that it's at a time when being together makes all the difference. To convey this idea in a direct way, the printed message is readable in full only if two bottles approach each other. The look of the bottle, consistent with the soul of both brands and absolutely original, is given by the reproduction of an iconic item of Msgm, a mini hoodie dyed with the trendy tie-dye technique. Another peculiarity of the limited edition is the special message printed with fluorescent ink that makes it visible even in the dark and readable in full only if you approach two bottles.

In collaboration with Paride Vitale Agency

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